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Borders' Kobo

Borders' Kobo

Borders' simple yet powerful entrant into the eReader market -- a fantastic e-reader at an equally fantastic price. [Shop Used Kobo]
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Borders' Kobo

Borders' Kobo


Ematic MID 7 Google Android OS Multimedia Tablet  Kobo eReader 4GB with WiFi
Ematic MID 7 Google Android OS Multimedia Tablet Kobo eReader 4GB with WiFi
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Amazon Kindle 2 2GB Wi Fi + 3G Unlocked 6in White
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Meet the Borders' Kobo -- Borders' very own answer to the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.  The Kobo is best thought of as a no-thrills alternative to the Kindle and Nook that rivals the reading experience of both of these popular eBook readers but lacks some of the extra bells and whistles like a web browser or music player.

As perhaps among the simplest entrants into the e-reader market, the Kobo is just that -- a device built for reading digital books.  That said, the Kobo offers its calling as an entry-level eBook reader priced to be affordable by the masses.  The Kobo significantly undercuts both the Kindle and Nook in price, and offers readers a great alternative.

Like many other readers on the market, the Kobo offers a 6-inch e-ink display.  E-ink displays present text just as it would look on paper, and are fully visible in direct sunlight.  The Kobo offers changeable font size, various ways to organize your reading library, and an array of options for easily navigating your books.

While the Kobo is not equipped with WiFi or 3G wireless, the device download content wireless on the go by connecting by Bluetooth on supported smartphones.  Of course, the Kobo can also sync with new reading material by connecting to your computer using an included USB cord and Borders' pre-installed syncing software.

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