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Barnes & Noble's popular eBook reader and resounding answer to Amazon's Kindle. [Shop Used Nook]
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Nook Color

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

The second coming of the Nook with vivid 7-inch color touchscreen display and the web and email at your finger tips.
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Nook Barnes & Noble eReader

Barnes & Noble Nook

Meet the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader -- arch nemesis of the Amazon Kindle, and a fierce competitor in the booming eReader market space. The Nook features 2 displays: one display with the same E Ink technology found on the Kindle and the other a color touchscreen for controlling the device.

Use the color touchscreen to select your reading material or fire up the on-screen virtual keyboard to quickly and easily find the perfect book for your upcoming trip to the beach. With its E Ink display, text on the Nook looks just as crisp as it would on paper, and can be just as easily read in direct sunlight.

Equipped with both WiFi and 3G wireless, you can browse and download books and periodical from wherever you are. With 2GB of on-board storage space, the device can store up to 1,500 books, magazines or newspapers, and will even allow user to sample books before they buy or loan purchased eBooks to other Nook readers.