Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6 300 PPI 4GB Touchscreen Wi Fi NEW 2015 Edition
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6 300 PPI 4GB Touchscreen Wi Fi NEW 2015 Edition
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Amazon Kindle DX 4GB Wi Fi + 3G Unlocked 97in White
Amazon Kindle DX 4GB Wi Fi + 3G Unlocked 97in White
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Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle 3

The all new and improved Amazon Kindle 3 that's thinner, lighter and faster than ever before. [Shop Used Kindles]
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Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2

The sleek and slim 2nd generation of Amazon's revolutionary Kindle.
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Kindle DX

Kindle DX

Amazon's Kindle 2 on steroids, with 2.5x the screen surface area of the Kindle 2.
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Amazon Kindle (1st gen.)

The first generation of Amazon's famed Kindle eBook reader.
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Amazon Kindle eReaders

The Amazon Kindle family is currently the most popular line of eReaders on the market. While content on the Kindle is limited to Amazon's proprietary DRM (Digital Rights Format) format, Amazon has a huge selection of over 350,000 books, magazines, newspapers and blogs available for quick and easy wireless download from the eRetailing giant's sleek and simple online store. Document and PDFs can be converted to Amazon's closed DRM format and downloaded the device, allowing the device to display content that isn't purchased through Amazon's store.

All Amazon Kindles are equipped with wireless technology, allowing readers to shop for and download content from virtually anywhere. Amazon also offers a variety of free content, including a revolving selection of free popular book titles. The latest version of the Amazon Kindle 2 will even allow you to download content while traveling abroad. Imagine reading the latest edition of your favorite newspaper, magazine or blog while floating down the canals of Venice or waiting for your flight in Tokyo.

The Kindle is more than just an eBook reader though. Although billed as "experimental," the Kindle is capable of surfing the web from anywhere where you have 3G (Sprint or AT&T, depending on model) wireless service -- and best of all, wireless use is free. You can also play music on the Kindle, and even hook up a pair of headphones.

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